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Ian Fleming and the Secret Agents Brian Mackey Bazerk
the me network™ is a music video and entertainment network, featuring some of today's hottest new artists. These artists are so hot and fresh that you and your friends may not even have heard of them yet. Yes, that's right... by watching the me network's™ music video stream, you are on the cutting edge today's hottest music.
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Music by you for you. The 'ME' in our name simply enough stands for Music and Entertainment. But it also represents who our music is by... Me (you); and who our music is for... Me (you). If you're an artist, we want your music video. Submit it to us, and if we think others will like it, and it meets our video and audio quality standards, we'll play it on our music video stream.
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Music videos being submitted to us should be recorded in 720p or 1080p resolution (or higher). To ensure the video isn't rejected due to video type, make sure your video is recorded as either an mp4 or mov video file type.

Cable service providers and satellite service providers
Cable and Satellite service providers interested in retransmitting our music video network to your subscribers can visit our cable providers' retransmission page. Television stations and networks that would like to retransmit portions of our network are welcome to use the "cable providers' retranmission page, as well.


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On August 1st, 2012 at 11:50pm launched our music video stream, leading with Ian Fleming and the Secret Agent's "I Suck." You can currently watch our music video stream on your mobile device (iPhone, Droid, iPad, Kindle Fire, and more), computer, playstation 3, and Roku device with more to come. To watch our music video stream (in a bigger, higher quality format) go to: theMEnetwork.TV/watch or click on the link below.
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Free Roku Channel
Watch on Roku - you can use the following link to add our Roku app to your Roku channel line up. Please note our Roku app is currently in the approval stages. As such changes may occur to the app before the final approval. So make sure to check back here for the updated version. Add The ME Network™ to your Roku

iPhone app coming soon
An iPhone app is on it's way soon. In the mean time you can watch The ME Network's music videos on your smartphone or smart device by using your browser.

Apps for other smart devices will follow the release of our iPhone app.


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You can follow us on twitter at @theMEnetwork, send us a shoutout we like interacting with our followers.

Need to contact us? Just click here. If you're having problems see our video stream you can use the contact link above to let us know.

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